Blue Ombre Montana Sapphire 14kt Gold Cocktail Ring
Blue Ombre Montana Sapphire 14kt Gold Cocktail Ring


Date Added: 03/25/2015 by Bernadette McCallion
I searched for months looking for the perfect sapphire ring in white gold. A jewelry novice, I got a crash course in stones and their origin. When I found this ring on Sapphires of Montana, I knew immediately that I finally found "it." In all my looking, at every major store in malls, and many online merchants, I never saw a ring like this. The ombre design is utterly unique. The setting is beautiful. The stones are natural. I couldn't wait for this ring, a gift, to arrive.

Let me tell you, it is even more stunning in person. The stones catch the light and shimmer. The white gold has a mirror-like shine. When the recipient opened the beautiful little box it came in, her mouth literally dropped open. Her birthday is in September and sapphire is the birthstone for September. She has a few sapphire necklaces and rings but none come close to this.

I explained in a note to the merchant that the ring was a gift. They were so accommodating; they made sure I got it in time for the big day. Everyone who has seen this ring has asked where it came from. I happily tell them the story because of the great experience. Now, a friend wants one for his wife's birthday!
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